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How to Make Your Dog and Cat Happy

Dogs and cats are empathetic animals. They thrive on your good mood and will mimic their owners in everything they do. You can make your dog and cat happy by caring and nurturing them. Here’s a look at the top four ways to make your dog and cat happy.

Offer Healthy Food Throughout the Day

Like humans, animals need good, wholesome food. Your dog and cat need a diet that suits their frame, which means plenty of protein and healthy fats. Opt for lean protein that will help your pets build muscle and gain energy throughout the day. After all, they are extremely active animals.

You may find your specific breed requires a little extra protein than the standard pet. Visit Friends Forever Pet Food Store in Kirkland, WA and talk to us about the best diet for your dog or cat.

Get Out for Activity

Allow your cat to roam the garden. They are outdoor animals but will always return to a loving and kind home.

As for your dog, one walk a day isn’t enough. You’ll need to get out there for long walks, especially if you have a more energetic breed like a German Shepherd or Husky. Take a stick or ball to play games of fetch and let your dog run around in open spaces to run off energy. More exercise will keep your pet healthy and easier to train.

In the house, have plenty of toys for playing. Cats will want scratching posts and balls of wool they’re allowed to play with. Dogs will love chew toys and old slippers. These healthy activities will keep them away from items they’re not allowed to play with, making everyone in the home happy!

Give and Accept Attention

Dogs and cats adore your attention. They crave it and want to give it when they see you’re sad. Keep them happy by giving them that attention they require and deserve.

Happy pets are loyal pets. They will sit with you to be stroked, which is therapeutic for you. They want belly rubs, pets on the head, and praise for the good things they do.

Likewise, when you’re upset, they want to make you happy. They’ll support you when you’re crying and wait for you to mend again.

Avoid Fuelling Them with Negative Emotions

Being empathetic does mean your moods affect them. Try to by happy around them, so they gain fuel from that energy. Your bad mood will make them upset, especially if they believe the bad mood is directed at them.

That doesn’t mean you need to be happy all the time. It’s difficult to be like that. But avoid showing them your negativity. Never take something out on them when it’s not their fault.

If they’ve had an accident on the floor, clean it up and show them love. They didn’t mean it. It could mean an illness, fear, or they’re not getting enough time outside. Think about why they’ve had the accident and make some changes to help them. They’ll see you love them and will be happier, sometimes clearing up the toilet accidents entirely.

A dog or cat will take cues from you. It’s up to you to help them remain happy in their home, which includes healthy food, activity, and a show of love and appreciation. They want attention and want to love you. Give them that chance and you’ll find they are well-behaved, bright, and cheerful animals.

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